"We were speechless! You did an incredible job. The house looks like it belongs in Architectual Digest! Thank you for all you did. It is so much appreciated. I know my Mom and Dad are smiling down from heaven to see their home look so beautiful in every way!!" 

- Arlene Fife


“It is undeniable, Carla, that your designs at Vue46 speak to potential buyers on an emotional level, and this special connection to the buyers has helped us in the difficult current market.”

- Paul D. Menzies, Laconia LLC


“Thank you for the house clearing. It opened a lot of blocked channels for me. What’s more, you came on Friday, and we got an offer the following Wednesday!!!  But the contract was much smaller than the shift I felt internally. It definitely was dramatic.”

- Victor Bonic


“Every client and friend that has met Carla has found her to be warm, perceptive, sincere and most of all valuable. Each has called to tell me how wonderful she was and how they truly feel they are now in their home. She is a gift to all who know her.”

- Anna Spathis, Zephyr Real Estate


"If you have an empty property that needs staging, I would highly recommend you contact her for a consultation. Each time we have done so, she has come in under budget in a remarkably short period of time. And, the property is always lovely. In fact, on new developments, her model staging has been so successful that she has had to continually move the staging to other unsold units as her beautiful models sell quickly."

- Gail Stark, Holliday Development


“We had a beautiful listing that was not selling and we were baffled, so we asked Carla to do a Feng Shui consultation. The first open house afterwards we received two offers! We attribute the success of this sale to her.”

- Tami Fanelli and Susan Ferry, Coldwell Banker


"Carla has been a pleasure to work with and can always be counted on to create a beautiful and balanced environment. Even when working on a tight budget or timeline, she can make any loft feel welcoming and livable. There is no doubt that projects staged by Carla sell more quickly, and I would recommend her to anyone."

- Meredith Martin, Paragon Real Estate


"Carla helped me take my own ideas about what I wanted, and go from concept to reality in just a couple of months. Although everything in my loft is something I selected and liked, it would never have come together as a complete home without Carla's guidance. I now live in the home I always wanted, but could never put together on my own. I'm grateful to Carla for defying designer stereotypes and being on top of both logistics and budgets. When I started out, I thought a designer was an extravagant luxury, now I wouldn't move into a new home without one."

- Paul Brody, Client


"If you are looking for a real estate stager who knows how to make your loft or home inviting and functional with originality and style, I highly recommend Carla Daro. Carla has a strong sense of what buyers are looking for in the loft home or office. She makes sure that your property is transformed from an ordinary space into a magical environment that sets it apart from other available lofts."

- Judy Graves, Client


"Thanks for all of your help over the years. Our place looks spectacular! Congratulations on establishing and continuing a great service."

- Ed Campana, Client