For over 15 years Carla Daro, owner of Harmonious Design, has been a specialist in interior design, Feng Shui, and space clearing to create harmony and balance in living spaces.

Working in all parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, she has perfected her skills by working with a variety of clients and real estate companies.

Carla believes that every individual has a unique vision for his or her living space. However, they may need a little help bringing it to life. Whether you need color consultation, kitchen design, space clearing, interior design, or staging to prepare for a sale, she prides herself in composing stylish yet comfortable homes. And she's ready to work with all types of clients, from those who need a little advice to those with far more extensive needs.


Feng Shui

As a certified Feng Shui Consultant, Carla uses centuries-old Chinese philosophies, like the BaGua, and brings it into a modern light, to create a healthy and relaxed flow or chi. The result injects a transforming energy and a modern fresh look into any home or office.


Home Staging

Staging accentuates the positive attributes of your home, cutting time on-market by as much as 50%, and increasing selling price by 10 to 20%.* Carla has extensive experience converting a variety of spaces into warm, inviting environments. She helps find a clear, potent “voice” for you home. 


Interior Design

Carla uses interior design to turn your living space into one that feels like a home. She believes that style is important, but warmth and comfort are essential. She combines these three elements to realize a space that is yours alone. She works with you to plan and purchase new items, or make the most of what you already have.


Color Consultation

Changing the colors of your home is an easy way to improve its appearance without a large expense. Carla’s trained eye will work with your specific likes and dislikes, picking exactly the right colors to create a harmonious distinctive environment.


Space Clearing

Your environment affects you on many levels. The energetic residue of former owners of your home or office can cause you emotional trauma on a subconscious level. Carla has extensive training and experience in space clearing, releasing negative energy and bringing new life and warmth to your surroundings.



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